Once fraud and embezzlement is apparent, mitigation of the company’s damages must be activated as a must, in such a fashion that the criminal actions are halted in their tracks and these actions cease to repeat.

If you suspect one of your employees to be the source, or indeed you suspect a employee of yours is involved, a series of actions are started. Obviously, from a legal point of view, dealing with an employee who engaged in theft, fraud and embezzlement in the detriment of his employer can be a nightmare.

While investigating such issues, Due Diligence Romania never forgets that a very fine balance do exist between the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee. It pays to keep clear and safe from stepping onto the mine field which is a court case against you, against your company or against the client by an employee.

Hiring Due Diligence Romania always proves to be a major move towards protecting the employer from further fraud and embezzlement or other criminal actions.

Time is of the essence

>    Usually, the activity of fraud and embezzlement has existed for some time before the employer got wind of it; therefore, the financial loss may be much higher than initially appeared to be.

>    Moving quickly to stop criminal action may reduce the negative impact on the business.

Contact legal department

>    Calling immediately upon the legal counselor of the company may tremendously help the matter of employee rights and how to steer clear of legal trouble.

Develop an investigation plan

>    Organize and review pertinent documents.

>    Review files of management and staff, and have discussions with most of   the likely candidates, and with those who can shed some light onto the matter in hand.

Get hold of and secure as follows

>    copies of computer data, files and reports, all pertinent original data and index all documents, any related computer data or media.

>    review plans with the legal counselor to search the employee’s desk and office

>    upon the employee has been let to know that he/she is subject of an investigation, he/she should not be allowed to handle or remove anything from the office.

>    off-site and remote computers may have been used for work-related purposes, so try to identify those, if possible.

>    change the password of the entire system and of individual machines in the company; make the new passwords known only to key personnel.

Due Diligence Romania approach

From our experience of 25 yrs, what It may appeared to be a simple scheme may prove to be a much bigger sting, with fraudsters inside and outside the company. Usually, there is no small embezzlement; the schemes we identified in the past shows that more often than not third parties are involved, such as outside vendors and associated accomplices.

We do not stop at the admission of the perpetrator; sooner than later, we always find that he/she is only a small part of larger fraud machine, so we do not stop investigating.

If you believe we can assist you with our expertise and 25 yrs of experience, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We always provide a free case assessment and quotation for the relevant service.

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