Due diligence is one of the most important work we undertake and conduct on behalf of our clients, in Romania or Republic of Moldova, since 1991. Our clients are Western companies looking for in-depth information on a company background and deep data mining for identifying any potential risk related.

The importance of due diligence investigations cannot be understated; any serious commercial entity knows that due diligence is the backbone of a hit or miss M&A.

Accurate and reliable information is vital when overtaking a company, vital indeed when planning a clean and without risks commercial activity. And vital when an individual background and deep data mining for identifying any potential risk is needed on the board.

In a regular due diligence investigation, this is what we are able to deliver task wise, in our extensive reports (but not limited to):

due diligence romania

Company identities, former and current

Other trade names or online identities

Court files regarding the incorporation

NACE – activity, code, history & current

Company background, ranking, top 100

Current and former associates

Administrators current and admin history

Company address history and current

Branches and subsidiaries

Visitation of premises and/or branches

Object of activity history, changes

Board decisions, minutes, court

Last 5/10 financial history RON/EUR

Links to other companies or persons

Company banking data (no operations)

Loans, assets, banking & debts history

Bad Practice registry data research

Court procedures against the company

Trademarks registered by company

Company affiliation to state authorities

Associates affiliation to state authorities

Local, national media research

Company & principal reputation

Undisclosed liabilities & red flags

We deal with projects of due diligence in Romania with the utmost care towards legality, in such a way that we will never put our client in a difficult legal position. We also are aware of the Anti Bribery Act, and we have good procedures in place to ensure we do not create troubles to our clients or to ourselves.

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For full information on our services of due diligence in Romania, please contact us to request a sample report or let us know if you want us to assess your project, completely free of charge and without any commitment from you.

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