Case studies page here has the main purpose to depict some of our services and approach to certain projects in certain situations, and to show to our prospective clients how Due Diligence Romania works.

None of the names of individuals and companies are not real, of course; we observe the utmost confidentiality when it comes to our clients identities or project data, even after we have long ended the work on behalf of our clients.

As you see, we have a good numbers of services which we render to the business community in Western and Eastern Europe alike; our clients are mainly Western companies with business interests in Romania or elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

We have the possibilities of conducting due diligence services in Romania or in countries bordering Romania, such as Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, and (to a certain extent) to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo. If in doubt whether we can assist you in one of the countries above, please do not hesitate to inquire first, prior to instructing us on a due diligence service.

Risk & regulatory

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Fraud & embezzlement

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Commercial due diligence

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Individual due diligence

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Competitor profiling

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If you believe we can assist you with any of the case studies or services mentioned in this webpage, please let us know by contacting us. We offer a free of any charge case assessment, and a free quotation of the service relevant.

Many thanks for your visit!


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