Business intelligence in Romania is what may make or break a deal or a merger in Romania; we, at Due diligence Romania undertake projects of business intelligence in Romania and Republic of Moldova. We do this since 1991, and we get better and better at helping our clients to achieve their business plans and create their “trouble free” zone in Romania and Moldova.

We advise our customers in Romania or Moldova on business operational activities, and respective business risks, possible or existing disputes and financial research.

Our projects of business intelligence in Romania are open to bespoke tasking, our terms are reasonably flexible and our prices are competitive for our region.

We are fully aware of the legal traps in this business intelligence data mining, and we do our best in order not to be stepping aside the law. We are in the business of solving our client problems, not to create any new troubles. To ensure this, we have strong procedures in place, regarding data collection versus legal requirements.

We have a good number of brochures which do go in-depth on our professional expertise, and experience. if in doubt on whether we can assist you in your business intelligence project, do not hesitate to call on us, for a free case assessment and free of charge and obligations quotation.

For more information on our services of business intelligence in Romania and on our real capabilities, please contact Julian Tanase, or use our contact form.

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